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10 Oct


The Passage of Time by ToniVC


One of the frustrating things about doing the MBA at Oxford is that you are only here for one year – and it is a packed year at that! I went to Fresher’s Fair on Friday and it was quite an experience – one which I suspect is fairly unique to Oxford.

There were rooms upon rooms packed with societies. Where else could you find societies ranging from a Tolkein Society to a Gregorian Chanting Society? You wander round there feeling like you want to try a bit of everything – this is my one chance to be a member of the Oxford [insert random activity] Society/Club and I don’t want to miss it!

I think I picked up leaflets, or put my name on mailing lists for: the Tolkein Society (mainly so I could say that I had), the Scottish Dance Society (it was the only Scottish thing there), the Canoe club,  Pistol Club, Mountaineering Club (I wouldn’t mind getting back in to rock climbing), German society, Scandinavian society, Oxford Entrepreneurs, the Boxing club and probably some others I’ve forgotten.

The reality is I’ll be lucky if I have the time to participate in one or two of these. I think I’ll try boxing for the workout (and maybe some punching if I get frustrated), and I’ll try to get as involved with Oxford Entrepreneurs as possible.

Similarly in the business school we have the choice of joining student run Oxford Business Network (OBN) groups which are focussed on things like Finance, Management Consulting and Entrepreneurship. I want to focus on Entrepreneurship, but then I look at the others and think, well I could be interested in a career there – I don’t want to miss out so I’d better join up. Before I know it I’ll be a member of every OBN there is going. They all look really interesting!

So classes start tomorrow and I am starting to have a mini-panic attack at the thought. I am still a bit disorganised (like maybe I should buy some books) and still have loads to do before the first lecture. So what am I doing? I’m here writing a blog post!

Procrastination is not the problem, it’s the solution! So procrastinate now – don’t put it off! (Ellen DeGeneres – great American philosopher)

Here’s an article by Paul Graham about procrastination. I haven’t read it yet (got Tweeting to do) but I’m gonna go ahead and assume it’s a good read.

This year I really want to get on top on my time-management skills. There will be so much to do and so little time to do it! Alanna was saying pretty much the same the other day on her FT blog.

Side note: I love Google Calendar and I love syncing my Google Calendar to my iPhone calendar. I think I am going to be living by them this year. Life would be so much easier if all lecture timetables, and society term cards etc., were always available as a downloadable calendar or shareable Google Calendar. That is good, efficient use of technology. I hope one day this becomes the norm. At the moment I have various timetables that are either bits of paper or just in pdf files.

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