King of the Potato People

9 Feb

Like many of my weak attempts at a joke, this image will only make full sense to Brits over the age of approximately 30. i.e. Tony

So here I am in week 4 of Hilary Term – otherwise known as “Hellary Term” due to the supposed increase in workload compared to Michaelmas. I have to be honest I don’t feel that things are much busier this term than last, but that is probably because I can’t remember the first 4 weeks of last term. 🙂

The best thing about this term is that we are now working on our Entrepreneurial Projects (EPs). My EP is a startup that I had started before coming on the MBA and I have recruited a fine team of fellow students to help me with a business plan. My “A” game for the MBA is to launch this business out of the course, so this is important to me. But more about that in a later post…

For now, I think it is about time for me to give a potted analysis of this term’s courses so far:

  • Macroeconomics: Do you think you understand potatoes? Do you? Yes? You are mistaken. You do not understand potatoes. There are many complicated fuctors about potatoes that you will learn in this class.
  • Finance II: So I have this crappy loan from Natwest* with an interest rate of 7% above base rate. Apparently I can do an “interest-rate swap” and swap it for a loan that only charges 2.5%. Sweet! OK? Questions?
  • Technology & Innovation Strategy: We read about video games, talk about video games, do assignments about video games, play video games, and go to the pub. Theoretically awesome.
  • Developing Effective Managers: There is no such thing as a “bad result” from these personality tests. Your test says you’re semi-skilled, neurotic, and work-shy? That’s ok – you have a future in local government.
  • Operations Management: They have vays of making you talk… mainly about factory production lines and toy building blocks.

This term we are doing electives, so I don’t do all the available courses. However based on conversations with fellow students I have provide the following analysis about the other classes**:

  • Rethinking Business: More like re-reading business…
  • Culture & Global Markets: Read a whole book before each class, then cook ethnic food and listen to Kula Shaker.
  • Global Strategy: Framework-tastic.

* I learnt today through a comment on my original post about the Natwest MBA loan that the loan is no longer available. This is quite serious and means that there are now lo longer any real funding options for British students that want to do an MBA at a UK business school. I will follow-up on this matter in a later post.
** obviously since I don’t take these classes you can dismiss my analysis as frivolous hearsay.

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