Partying with a Junior University

14 Apr

Stanford MBA band

We visited IDEO on Tuesday. If you haven’t heard of them you almost
certainly have used one of the products they’ve designed. These guys
are legends of the design world. Zylis kitchen products – that was
them. Palm V? Their’s. Apple mouse? Uh-huh! Opposable thumbs? Yup –
that was their idea.

Their place is super cool. You can feel the creativity as soon as you
walk in. We got a tour of several parts of the company including the
shop where try build prototypes. Also we saw the famous shopping

In the afternoon we were meant to go to Steve Blank‘s ranch, but
unfortunately that got cancelled. Fortunately, Oxford friend Joe
DeNucci was able to help us out and arranged for us to go to the ranch
of Frost & Sullivan‘s Chairman David Frigstad. Wow – what a place! Amazing views over the mountains. We had some food there, admired the views, then spend a short while discussing some of the “mega-trends” that Frost & Sullivan is tracking for its customers.

In the evening we went for a tour of the Stanford University campus. It’s quite nice…well, as nice as a 130 year-old University can be. Come back to me when you’ve got 900 years of history Stanford.

That evening we went to the house of some Stanford MBA students for a house-party. Most of the things that I see in the movies about US parties did not happen (people flattening beer cans on their heads, girls spontaneously stripping, police turning up because of noise complaints), but they did have a live band in the basement which was rather cool. I also dressed as a tiger which was nice.

3 Responses to “Partying with a Junior University”

  1. Kevin April 14, 2011 at 6:01 pm #

    I’m pleased to hear you are still getting good use out of the tiger costume.

    Was flip cup or beer pong played?

    • Steven April 14, 2011 at 11:00 pm #

      Oh no we didn’t play either of those. I feel kinda cheated now.


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