Beers and Berkley

17 Apr

Thursday morning started off with a visit to media monitoring company Meltwater. This was a particulalrly interesting meeting for me as I’ve been working with the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology and was in Ghana last week. This was actually one of the best meetings of the week. Fellow MEST MBA consultant, Louis, gave a good presentation about Meltwater and set us the challenge of suggesting some business areas Meltwater could move in to. Then a Meltwater sales director gave us an hour of B2B sales training, which was really good actually as, strangely, sales training doesn’t appear on any MBA curriculum for some reason. We then did some role-playing in pairs pretending we were selling Meltwater services to each other. At the end of the session I suggested about 6 companies that Meltwater could acquire. I’ll take the credit, and commission,  if they ever move in on these companies.

In the afternoon we had no company visits arranged so Xavier took the trek organisers, including myself, for a tour of the Anchor Steam brewery. At the end of the tour we tried six Anchor Steam beers. Each one was only about 1/3 of a pint, but by the end I felt like I’d drunk 6 full pints. 🙂

Looking at the trek matrix I just realised I was meant to be at the Salesforce meeting later in the afternoon, but I didn’t go. Oops! My bad!

In the evening we travelled over to Berkley for a mixer with the Haas Business School MBA students. I really liked the Berkley campus. Whereas the Stanford campus is all perfectly manicured, like a model village, the Berkley campus feels a lot more “real”. It still has beautiful buildings, but it has a lot more character than Stanford. The mixer with the Haas students was great. They were really out-going and paid for all the drinks and food! Apparently the school puts $400 per student in to a student association budget to spend on social events. Take – note SBS!

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