MEST Day 3 – MBA carousel

19 Apr

I've always seen myself as a bit like Zebedee

Day 3, Thursday 7th April – MBA carousel

The day started out with presentations by all of the teams to all of the EITs and MBAs. This would be the first time we got to see the other teams’ projects in detail.

After the presentations we did 30min consulting sessions with each of the teams so we could give feedback to the teams and make suggestions as to how they could improve their ideas. We were advised not to hold back with the feedback – there was no point in going easy on them otherwise they would just get a shock when they have to present to Jorn in a couple of months to try and get in to the incubator.

These sessions were great fun. In fact I would say it was a privilege that we got this opportunity. It was a bit like reading a few posts on Techcrunch then being able to grill the founders. I think I managed to give good feedback and decent suggestions to all the teams. I maybe gave most value to the team that was working on a healthcare related product as it is closest to my own product background. There were some flaws in some of the plans that needed deeper thought, but overall all of the businesses seem quite viable to me. Maybe some of them don’t feel quite so enthusiastic after we’ve dissected their ideas but I really do think that each of these ideas, if executed well, could be quite successful.

That evening we went out with the teaching fellows from MEST. We went to the ex-pat/obroni bars. First we went for Thai food, which was not too bad. Then an Irish pub (there’s always one!) called Ryans where the Star was nice and cold and there was also some free Clubs being given away in a promotion. It was some kind of Accra ex-pat society evening so the place was quite busy. I even got the chance to practice my Norwegian, which was fun. Then we went on to somewhere called the Container. Maybe it’s called that because it looks like it’s housed in a shipping container. Anyway, the beer was something like GH₵2, so no complaints from me. After there we went on to a place called Duplex. Then we somehow got home. Probably in a taxi. Not sure. All I can remember is the slight despair that there was not much chance of me running in to a kebab van offering chips and cheese.

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